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1 year ago

United Apart by Deanne Andrus.

Andrus explains the project:

My husband is a business consultant whose work requires that he travel often for long periods of time. While he is away he sends pictorial texts and emails as a form of communication. For example, he will send a picture taken outside his office window with a text that says, “Good morning, it’s a beautiful day.” or a picture of an airplane that reads, “I am just getting on my plane, see you shortly.” These banal, visually shared moments, become our cherished moments.

Through the use of a LCD projector I project these photographs sent from my traveling husband and project them into my domestic space. The final images are a result of the domestic space/projection combination. The images become a visual bridge that connects our two places. The resulting pictorial love letters bring us closer together as a result.

(Source: fractionmagazine.com)

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