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Cinemagraph by Sandy Noto.

  • I was at a neighborhood pub in Saint Paul, Minnesota last night and noticed this list. It reads “Living Social Perps.” I was in disbelief that that many people had ripped off a small local place by purchasing Living Social deals and then using them multiple times. The bartender told me that some people had come in as many as five times using the same voucher. Apparently the only recourse that Living Social takes is not allowing cheaters to purchase deals off the site ever again.

    It floors me that so many people would be so dishonest, especially at a small tavern in a sleepy neighborhood in a midwestern city. I mean, you’re EATING OUT so it’s not like you’re stealing to feed your family or anything. And you’re already getting HALF OFF your order at the restaurant! 

    If this is happening in Saint Paul, I would assume it’s happening all over the country. Groupon, Living Social, and all other similar services should have a clause in their terms of service that they will fully charge people’s credit cards if they commit this type of fraud. 

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      “Living Social Perps” cheating the system is LAME!
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      Just another reason I’m anti-Living Social and Groupon.
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      This is all very familiar to me and the bar I work at. I’d like to note that we’re a neighborhood old man bar that’s not...
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      i like a slick deal. these people are losers.
    9. wbsloan said: And shortly after the Pannera post about people paying what they can. Some people are awesome, others selfish jerks.
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