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Cinemagraph by Sandy Noto.

  • acehotel:

    These are the prized Ace NYC x Pendleton blankets you have done all manner of things on and under in your guest room at Ace Hotel New York. Made exclusively for Ace New York by our friends at Pendleton, they’ve become an emblem of the Ace experience. If you have the Pendleton x Ace Hotel Portland blanket then you already know how good this one feels.

    The blankets are made of pure virgin wool in Pendleton’s Oregon mills, and they’re as non-scratchy soft and warm as they were the last time you stayed with us. They feature the banner New York plaid design and a big custom label for Ace x Pendleton. Lots of people have been asking for them, so we decided to make them available on our shop.

    Visit the shop for more products and collaborations - we’re continuously adding more things so stay tuned.

    Attention anyone that would like to buy me stuff: see here.

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      i just got a sexy pendleton bag in the mail
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      I swear, I am going to paint one of my walls like this.
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      Attention anyone that would like...buy me stuff: see here.
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      Yay, so this is basically an advertisement for their blanket. But I love me some...this...
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      This blanket kept me warm and comfortable while I was painting Ace Hotel NY Room No.1011 - and have missed it. I have to...
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      maybe i’m a cynic, but the pendleton blanket was not very comfortable when i stayed at the Ace in march >.< it was itchy...
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