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Cinemagraph by Sandy Noto.

  • Pitchfork gives Radiohead’s new album The King of Limbs a 7.9. Regardless of what you might think of Pitchfork Media, when a new Radiohead album comes out it’s always the most anticipated review on the web. This particular review is thoughtful and concise and I think the last paragraph sums up my feelings on the new album nicely.

    So: eight tracks, each of them worth your time, and yet The King of Limbs is still likely to go down as Radiohead’s most divisive record. A trawl through message boards and social networks leaves the impression that many disappointed fans are still struggling to make sense of the gap between the greatness of the thing they got and the genius of the thing they thought they might get. It’s in that gap, when assessing the album overall, that it’s easy to get tangled up. This is well-worn terrain for Radiohead, and while it continues to yield rewarding results, the band’s signature game-changing ambition is missed.
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