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Cinemagraph by Sandy Noto.

  • It began with a photo: three men, snapped from the waist up. On the left, Chang, rosy cheeked and grinning. On the right, Murphy, gray bearded and Zen, raising one hand in a gesture of mahalo. Between them, a head shorter, with one arm on each of the others’ shoulders, Ansari, mouth and eyes wide open in his trademark “Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?” gape. The three were at The Breslin, at New York’s Ace Hotel, for the afterparty of an Arcade Fire show; none were especially sober. Ansari tweeted the photo with a message: “David Chang, @lcdsoundsystem, and myself want to go to Tokyo and eat food. Can some magazine/Travel Channel pay.”

    And so GQ decided to do just that. This whole concept is hilarious and awesome.

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